Thank you for your interest in the Child Language Lab! If you would like to participate in our studies, please sign up at this link: sign-up.
Below you will find more information about what happens during a study visit.

How long will a visit take?

A typical visit lasts 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on which study you are participating in. This includes the time it might take for the parent and child to get settled and comfortable at the lab before we get started.

What to expect?

Depending on the study, activities may include a child…

  • Playing with toys with a researcher or parent
  • Sitting on the parent’s lap and watching pictures on a screen while listening to a recording
  • Sharing books with a researcher or parent
  • Pointing to pictures to answer different language questions

*There is a waiting room with toys and books for participants and family to enjoy. We will also provide free childcare for the participant’s sibling(s) during the study.

Will I be compensated?

Families will be compensated for their time with a cash card and small gift for your child.

Additionally, families may receive compensation for travel on a case by case basis.

Where is the lab located?

Our lab is located in the Frances Searle Building, Room 1-367 (2240 N Campus Drive) on the Evanston Campus of Northwestern University

Parking is free for participants!

How do I sign-up?

If you would like to participate in our studies, please sign up, by clicking on this link: sign-up.

You can also learn more about the Child Communication Research Collaborative by clicking on this link.




If you have any other questions, we are happy to answer them!

Email us at

phone: (847)-491-5551